further proof i'm insane

Horchow sends me emails. They know I'm insane, but they think I'm rich, too. Anyway, today they sent a missive inviting me to decorate by my horoscope.

Hell's Bells!

I do believe in:
*life after death
*ignorance being bliss
*haircolor that makes your hair soft
*huge government conspiracies
*random acts of kindness

I do not believe in:

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that, with the sole exception of that awful turquoise lamp which must be included as some sort of bizarre taste test, I loveloveLOVE every single recommendation!

Horchow, you get me. That is kinda scary.


Those of you who really get me, well, you know I'm trying to bury that last post with fluff. I've found, through extensive research, that fluff is not good burying material. Alas...


just me said...

yo. I totally believe in ghosts too.

...don't tell anyone.

piglet said...

i've never heard of horchow before but i think i can like it. a lot. cept' i can't afford anything. i do like that fountain, no idea where i'd put it.

i'm an aquarian too! feb 2nd, groundhogs day. which makes you automatically cool.

i'm not sure i believe random horoscopes but i do believe in a scientific astrology.

(not that you asked what i believe in, i like to volunteer random facts about myself to strangers.)

hee. i go now :)

nita said...

*j: your secret is safe here :)

*piglet: fire away sister! i'm bizarrely fascinated by you!!!