Where the frig have I been?!

I just finished the midterm for my Political and Social Philosophy course. It was due at 5 pm but I missed that little gem on the paper and sent it with sincere apologies and the protestation of alien abduction at 11:49. I used to stress about stuff like that but for some reason I'm ok. If he refuses to take it, oh well. This being pregnant thing is releasing some mad hormones into my system! I kinda like it....

I'm typing with Jack in my lap. He has his head on the keyboard and my right wrist is cramping up cuz I have it bent funny to accomodate his head. My left foot is also asleep because it is curled under my right leg that he is lying on. I so love my dogs. If someone could remind me how to put pics in I'll post one of them snuggling in the morning. So funny, these dogs.

One quick story about Bear and then I have to noisily jump into bed....

At 4:40 this morning I am awakened by coughing. Lots of coughing. Terribly like what I imagine 'the croup' would sound like coughing.

me: Honey, I have Sucrets in my school bag.

bear: It's not that. I have Frosted Mini Wheat stuck in my throat.

me (screaming like a fishwife): Then get the F*%# out of bed and get something to drink, you giant jerk!!!

The infractions are many. I am having a wicked hard time sleeping. I took Tylenol PM (after a prolonged argument with myself about how the doctor wouldn't lie and a couple of PMs won't result in a stupid stupid child or any major birth defects....) so I could sleep. I fell asleep after 11. When cough-o-rama woke me, I had a scant 5 hours of rest. I could NOT get back to sleep, despite the gentle snoring of Bear and both the stinkin' dogs....

ADDITIONALLY... Frosted Mini Wheats happen to be the only thing I can eat in the morning so I can get out of bed. Bear has turned into SuperPig so I've had to ask him to please not eat my cereal. Mostly because he eats everything and then won't go to the grocery store. So-he inhaled a bowl, or bucket, of my morning life line at such velocity he had pieces stuck in his lungs and he has to come upstairs to cough it out IN BED?!?!

AND....every time I say something crabby to him he blames it on hormones.

AND....because of my hormones as soon as he leaves the house in the morning I start to miss him and cry.

Being pregnant is great.