The reuben was a bad idea. I had half of it, 6 fries and a strawberry milkshake. I missed my first class last night. My belly could be heard from outside the house! I took a little nap and headed to school for my second class. The fun begins.....

me: Honeybear, I brought the wrong book bag. I have my Monday/Wednesday bag and my homework is in the other one.

bear: Ok, I'll bring it down and call you when I'm outside.

He is a champ! My hero! AND he put little frosted mini-wheats in a snack bag for me. I enjoy class. We have to make Valentine cards (it's an expensive inner-child type thing....). I make a bad discovery and have to call the man back again.

me: Hiiiii! I have good news and funny news for you.

bear: Funny news first.

me: Nope, good news. I made you a Valentine.

bear: Aww. Thanks hun. What's the funny news? (He even sounds a little excited.)

me: The funny news is my car keys are in the book bag you took home with you! Hahahaha. Can you please bring them to me?

bear: You are such a dick.

Yup, Mr Perfect called me a dick of all things. I read that pregnant women have memory lapses. I make lists and piles and STILL forget really important stuff. Hoo boy, this is getting interesting. I think I should stop reading the books so I don't let myself have all these new bad habits!

I did laundry today, cleaned, did some hair color for a pal, vaccuumed, played with the doggers and now I'm off to nap-land. I am so hopeful that I'm around the corner of feeling so wretched and I will finally be able to be clean and have a non smelly house again :)

Yea for me and the baby!