The Bear's back is killing from PT yesterday. The accident hangs on. Allstate Insurance is harrassing me AND sticking me with the car rental. I knew I should have given them a stolen credit card....more about that mess later.

I scrubbed the guest room that I've been convalescing was pretty gross. I polished, moved furniture, picked up all my orange seeds and changed both beds. I am feeling okay today!

Now the man is trying to lure me to the diner for a reuben. The greek diner makes the best reubens EVER and I'm tempted. I still am not gaining weight so I can pretty much eat whatever I feel like cuz I'm nowhere near 2000 calories a day, let alone the recommended 2300. So, I told him we have too much to do but I'm going to change my mind in a minute and go get me a bangin' reuben. mother's most recent ex husband, who happens to be my complete favorite and I choose to keep him as my dad, has a date this weekend. He's going to stop by on the way to a wedding in Long Island. His 'friend' (they dated in Europe around 30 years ago!) is meeting him there. I am excited to see him. My mother has the tendency to make things kind of tense and our relationship was always better if she was out with friends. Anyway, I'm glad he found some peace. My mother can make you wish you lived in a cave that was sealed shut....

I'm hanging on in school. I'm a bit behind in my homework and some reading but I'm cruising along. Sometimes my multi-tasking gets the best of me. In one humanities class we're reading Henry V by Shakespeare and it is apparent to all that I really love it. I've been a Bard Buff since high school. So?! Anyway, I had another book open in my lap, not quite paying attention and the prof asked if anyone reads or speaks french. On auto pilot I raise my hand. 'Great! NV can do a reading with me!" Ugh. AND there are a bunch of bitter broads in my class that glare at me cuz I always have the answer. I do wait for others to try......bitches. Anyway, I'm brushing up on my pronunciation so I sound authentic. I need to start paying attention.

So, this is kind of rambling but I don't feel so wretched today. I have to go to the diner now ;)