today my head is crowded with weird and random thoughts

Dawson's Creek is finally starting to bug me...
but I have to watch both episodes every day anyway. Who writes that show? Joey is such a disfunctional mess I can't help but wonder why the best boys keep falling in love with her. She is a whiner of epic proportions. She dumps Pacey for bartender boy and then won't go out with bartender boy. Huh? Every time I have the smallest hope for that girl, she so screws things up with over analysis and a total lack of sex. Whatever. And Jen-don't get me started. I repeat, Audrey is the only real woman on the show. Again, the only one I don't want to punch.

I am being tortured by the worst dreams
Dreams of abduction, abuse, death. Even my dogs are sometimes tortured in my dreams. It can't be what I'm eating.....

Although I am no creature of habit, evidently my digestional tract is.
having problems with my belly. As if there isn't enough going on down there....

Who believes Janet didn't know her boobie was going to pop out?!
Because you're a dumbass. A big one. She was wearing nipple adornment. It's like wearing your pink mesh thong on a date and insisting to yourself you're not gonna go for the gusto. C'MON! And speaking of that adornment...what the hell was that thing? A Chinese throwing star? A tiny cock ring from her brother's secret collection? That would explain all the high pitched 'Oo' and 'Ahh's......

It was planned. The 'damage control' people need some new blood. I can't recall the last spin I heard that explained anything. Are these peeps falling down on the job or what? You know when a public figure f's up in a major way, their people call in 'people' to put the old spin on. But seriously, when was the last time you said, "Oh, ok. That explains it."? (yikes, that last ending must be some sort of MLA nightmare....) Consider:

CLINTON: I did not have sexual relations with that woman.
*that doozy got him impeached. He might have tried, "This is an issue to be discussed with my wife. It has no place in the media." Huh? Works, right?!

PETE ROSE: Yes, I have bet on baseball.
*and now you'll never see the inside of the Hall of Fame without a ticket. Dummy. Here is a clear cut example of when to frigging lie! If there was proof, you would know. There was no tangible evidence so lie. Dummy.

MICHAEL JACKSON: Of course I will continue to sleep with children in my bed.
*Hello! At what point of no return are his people looking for? Someone needs to tie that idiot's mouth shut AND put him in jail. Talk about no remorse. Jeez.

and finally

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: I apologize for the wardrobe malfunction.
*Okaaaay. How about, "I seen Janet's titties and I thunk y'all would like to, too." Honest, very MTV, and probably the truth. Malfunction. What the hell does that mean? And WHY ON EARTH WERE HER NIPS ALL TRICKED OUT IF NO ONE WAS GOING TO SEE THEM?

Gimme a break.

Wow, I have gone on and on. Sorry for the lengthy diatribe, but I did warn you about the randomness......