quick 2 second update...

I am working at a trade show-The Art Expo- at the Javitts this weekend. Back and forth today but staying overnight tomorrow. I caught a cab after the show today and when I told the guy I was going to Grand Central, he said he wouldn't take me. He was going to go off duty. I know it's cuz it's a short ride. So I had to get out! Assh*le. I hope he got stinky tips all day. I always tip cabbys well so ha! on him.

THEN a really nice Haitian guy picked me up and we spoke french. When I got in he said, "Where can I take the pretty pregnant lady?"

I almost died! Everyone says I don't look pregnant. He said, "Pretty lady, it's in your face." What an angel.

Much to report but it will have to wait until after the weekend....

Sometimes I just love New York.