talk about hypocracy...

Janet has been 'disinvited' to the Grammy's. I saw a piece on Celebrity Justice detailing all the nominees (not just the folks invited, those up for awards) and their present legal troubles. Perhaps most disturbing was R. Kelly getting permission from the judge to attend the ceremony. And Janet's in so much trouble for flashing a little boobie action?! Jeesh.

in better news:

My headache finally broke. It has been with me since Friday, worsening on Saturday and finally lifting this morning. It was one of those where changing the position of my head was actually dangerous. I had the headache for so long that I thought if it was still there this morning, I would go stark raving mad. I'm glad it's gone.

We went to the store, got freaky, made chili and had a nice day together. We should really get to win the lottery. We understand that money doesn't buy happiness but it does buy endless days together, if that's what you're into. And we are. Yum.

I'm a bit behind in school and correspondence. OH! One terribly funny thing to report. My mother, who is driving me crazy and not in the good mother sort of way, has been calling daily with her suggestions for baby names. All of them are incredibly weird and waspy. Hillary, Ygraine and Tana were the latest. She is trying to forget I'm half Mexican and just might choose a name from the other side of the family. She has blocked that fact that she had to have sex with our father to beget us Mexicali kids......but that's a whole other story.

She's been calling every day. When she called on day 2 of the worst headache ever I got fed up.

me: Mom, we're not telling anyone but we've decided on names.

mom: Well, you can tell me. I won't say a word to anyone. (as her nose shoots off her face)

me: Ok, if you promise. For a boy we chose Brandin ( I spell it) and for a girl we chose Tiffany.

mom: Uh, oh, Tiffany?

me: Do you have some sort of problem?

mom: Uh, it's just that every third girl you hear of is named Tiffany.

me: Not really. I have the last 10 years of most popular baby names in the US and Tiffany didn't make the top ten once.

mom: Oh, well.

me: I gotta run. Have a great day.

It's shitty. I have nothing against those names but I know my mother hates them both. It worked. She hasn't called since I told her the names. I feel a little evil but if it will stop the deluge of truly stupid names I can live with it.