We had dinner at my in-laws. Stupendous. Sometimes I think that I got such a great husband and such great in-laws because I hit some kind of cosmic lottery. In any event-I win!

My thoughtful husband gave me books I really wanted and books I didn't know about but really wanted when I opened them. Sometimes my eyes just sting with tears knowing how thoughtful and wonderful a man he is. The dogs got me an awesome sheepskin jacket, too. They rock!

We didn't put up a tree or anything because we figure this will be the last low-key Christmas. I was saying that we don't really need a tree or anything for a couple of years because the child will hardly be aware of all that until 3 or so, right? Everyone said that was mean. What would happen when he/she asks for pictures of the first Christmas? I was thinking I could just tell the kid that Santa can't be photographed and he shows up in person for the first few Christmases. Then I'll say that I did take pictures but his nasty elf assistant took my camera...two years in a row!! Hey-as long as we're lying to the kid, why not make it interesting?

So, we are getting ready for our usual Christmas tradition of calling everyone tonight (the 24th) and then no phones tomorrow. We usually just have a fire, read, watch any new DVDs (Bear got the Beavis and Butthead Greatest Hits...) and have a quiet day being thankful for each other. Nice.