It is alarming the amount of time I'm spending on my back. Enough said.

Bear has been my handmaiden and frankly, I could get used to this treatment. Today all I wanted was a meatball sub from our favorite Italian deli. He went right out and got it for me. I shared.

It is 5:30 here and I am barely up. I'm going to press a few of the man's shirts because he likes the way I do it better than the cleaners. A burden, to be sure, but I really feel like I owe him.

I haven't told the rest of the family about the expectancy. How long is appropriate after a branch of your family has lost a baby to share news of yours? I feel so sad about all that. My aunt called today and we talked for 2 hours. The whole time I wanted to tell her because we are close but it didn't feel right. Oh well, at some point after testing I guess it would be okay.....

I read The Autobiography of Santa Claus and I can recommend it heartily. It was a gift from a smart cookie and I really enjoyed it. Try it!

Well, I've pretty much shot my energy for a while with all this sitting upright. I have watched so many Law&Order episodes I'm pretty sure I could represent in the criminal justice system. I'm tempted, anyway...oh well, back to bed for a *little nap*.