As I mentioned earlier my brother gave me a bad tip about a show to help deal with dogs and newborns. My little men are a bit....ah.....close to me. They follow my every move. The treat me like I have alzheimers and might wonder off too far from the fridge. Weird but spectacular doggers.

A point? Who, me? Well, my pal came over the other day with her newborn in a carseat, carry bucket type deal and set her down so I could do her hair for her wedding. (Yes, smarty pants, first the baby then the wedding..) Anyway, Jack had that funky 'look' he gets like when there is a fat, slow squirrel in the back yard. Very 'attentive'. I'm afraid he's looking for an opportunity to drag the baby out of the carrier and see if it has a squeaker. I just don't care for the look on his face. Hard to explain and I sound pretty insane but you've never seen him try to get the noisemaker out of a toy or a tail off a squirrel. Ugh.

Hobbes, on the other hand, is just thrilled that all kids seem to be covered with a variety of foods. He'll lick a kid down to the dermis. Bad dogs.