I yawned about 412 times during class tonight BUT-I still got it :) Good grade on my test. I like my comedy class. And not just because I got a good grade. We are studying Pinter-what a trip. Finally a playwright that gives my family a place to exist.

I'm tired. What else is new lately?! Bear just got a package for Hobbes, the scaredy-cat pitbull. Shoes so he won't be cold this winter. Last year he got cold fast so Bear found these great neoprene dog shoes. One problem is they have velcro. Hobbes is a little scared of the noise that velcro makes. This oughta be great! I'll have to video Bear trying to get Hobbes into his shoes. I'll probably win an award somewhere! Hahahahaha. Oy, that's rich.

Off to bed. First thing tomorrow I'm shipping out pink Ugg boots to a woman who's having a baby on Saturday. I love Ebay :)