I have to say that my husband is pretttty excited at the prospect of all of this. Maybe-a little too excited. Last night he got home LATE from ferrying top secret *stuff* all over the east coast yesterday. I was watching tv and doing laundry completely half-heartedly. He had a snack with me (I'm really only comfortable eating at night) and we went upstairs to bed. Then it gets interesting...

me: God! My boobs are HUGE! Can you see the difference? (I was talking to him as he was walking into the bathroom. For some reason I've developed the bad habit of only speaking to him when there is only a small possibility that he can actually hear me.)

him: (backing out of the bathroom, toothpaste foaming..) Did you say something about someone's boobs?

me: Yessss. Mine! Don't they look bigger?

him: Uh, I can't really tell. Push them up. (I foolishly do.) Now, lick your lips.

Great. A pervert is born. We are both kinda freaked about how to 'proceed maritally' in the next little while. I will just be happy when the nausea and boob expanding stops. The rest we can take care of with the lights off....