zoom, zoom, zoom, etc.

My darling grandmother was here for a week. She left today. I don't know how she feels, but I'm completely exhausted!

I dropped her at the airport and went to the Fine Furnishings Show and had the best time. Bear and Rio went to my SIL's World Famous Halloween Party in CT and so I went alone. I really needed a break from all noise and I applaud my husband for getting that and not being insulted. I are lucky :)

I are also incredibly exhausted for a number of reasons. My gram and I ran ragged all week. Too many activities. Next time - same amount of trips/dinners/lunches/exhibits/shopping trips but two weeks. That should be only mildly exhausting.

My other problem is more complicated and self-inflicted....

me: Bear, this TIVO is totally jacked and it's driving me crazy to watch, or try to watch shows on it. Please, let's get rid of it all. Cancel cable and cancel TIVO and we'll buy seasons of shows we want to watch and gorge like good tv-ers. So, please, I beg you, get rid of it all.

cut to 4 days later.

me: Bear, there is a TIVO box outside the garage. Just got delivered. Why?

bear: It's for a project that is top secret so please don't look at it and don't talk about it.

cut to next day.

me: Bear, there is a cable guy here to INSTALL DIGITAL CABLE! His work order says you want to be called first, but he's here and can't work the new super-duper hi-tech TIVO.

bear: Yay! I'll be right home.

So, he did not cancel anything. Rather, he upgraded everything. And he's dead certain it was exactly the right move. The self-inflicted part of this is as follows:

Get home from Providence, sparkly with art infusion. Lie on the couch at 3pm to see if House had recorded. Watch House. Realize we have a zillion new stations. Watch Law&Order for 2 straight hours. Realize I can watch 2 channels and have backing up capabilities on both, and proceed to watch
Law&Order AND Law&Order:SVU for another hour or so. Bear comes home, we get Rio to bed and I just barely, at 11pm, dragged myself away from watching hours of LA Ink. I don't even like the show and now I have to watch the season finale to find out why Pixie's boyfriend is such a douchebag.

I am joining a monastery and not for any of the reasons I might have previously done so.


Anonymous said...

now you know why we are so addicted. by the way rigeur is the spelling but my post from hungary did not load, musta been my inability to read hungarian in the comment section. let's pray this one loads, in other words, i was able to figure out the german. miss you loads. remind me to tell you about the fab fusion place.

nita said...

i'm glad you're having fun, spell-checking, and keeping in touch! i miss not talking to you eleventy-billion times a day :)

teahouse said...

I think that is so awesome that your grandmother visited and she kept you running around exhausted. Woohoo for active old ladies!!