a wee bit too much fun

For my little sister's last night in town, we headed to the ballpark. *The* ballpark. And we miraculously ended up with tickets for the wall. *The* wall. And we had a blast. The game was awesome and that particular section is all about true fans. I was ready for my Red Sox tattoo after a few hours of hearing their stories.

After the game we continued the fun with dancing and tequila. At the last minute we bolted from the dancefloor of this joint, hailed a cab to get to South Street Station in time for the last train and barely made it home. This morning I am sorely reminded of the 20 years I have over my darling sister :)

The day was so fun. We invited my best new friend's little brother and he is so fun he now has to come to every event with us. I'm sure there are lots of words that mean 'fun', and I have used none of them but 'fun', but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words (all thousand being 'fun'!).

Have you got a fan story you'd like to share?


Anonymous said...

i'm *so* glad to hear you had such fun with your little sis. yea!

my fan story... you might recognize from a previous blog life...

after my very first cubbies game, at the infamous cubby bear bar, i was whisked away to the dance floor with this guy.

(i hope that link works.)

teahouse said...

Hahaha..looks like you guys had a really nice time!

Tuesday Girl said...

my husband is going to be VERy jealous. He is a HUGE red sox fan.

nita said...

thb: um, did you take our advice and elope? and next time you're in town, games on me. drinks are on you. you lose :)