another wall scaled

Bear and Rio had a great day yesterday. He came home from work absolutely exhausted - to a wife ready to enroll her child in an English boarding school. Instead of his planned catnap, he took the Monkey Princess on an adventure.

They dug some holes in the yard. No reason, the both just like to dig. And they scouted the perfect location for a pine cone sanctuary. The pine cone sanctuary does explain why I had to practically use a vegetable brush to get her clean .... but I digress. Pictures!

So we got up early and had a nice breakfast. She asked for cheese and cookies and instead she had a breakfast bar and fruit. Then Bear met us at the school so we could all walk in together.

Mere and I held each other walking out. And cried. But I don't think anyone knew. Haha.

Really, though, I think this is coming about at just the right time. In playgroups and at dance class she looks at other kids like they're covered with battery acid and poop. I know that this is the very best thing for her. She's picking up my snarky verbal patterns, she likes to label everyone as having a penis or a 'safana', and she's imminently more comfortable with adults than children. So, yeah, it was time. No matter my level of readiness.

Plus, it's not like she couldn't use some, uh, professionals around. :)


Tuesday Girl said...

It is so sad, but so good for them.
What a great looking family!

kate said...

I just love that digging picture. She's too cute. :-)

mar said...

what a gorgeous waist you have! i see, i see, i see! love, mar

Mama Bear said...

Love the photos and details of the great adventure. Did Rio find anything..umm.."interesting" digging in your back yard? I have my grave concerns.

just me said...

pretty much love your family.

...and your kid's plastic hat. Is that couture?

Livia said...

Good words.