too cool for school

Last week I mapped out a walking route where I was not so likely to be killed by a car. Our road *looks* like a meandering path through the woods, but it is ridiculously heavily traveled. And has no sidewalk. And I can't see too great pulling out. Ugh.

So, I found a new place to go. The best thing about this McMansion neighborhood is that the sidewalks are empty. No one around. I saw a couple of people doing yardwork; most of them had a company truck parked nearby. Everyone who lives in this neighborhood must be running in my neighborhood because of the excellent route visibility.... whatever. I had a great 4 mile jaunt. Some running, some walking, lots of loud singing.

And a bit of grinning. I grabbed the iPod from where it's been gathering dust. In a burst, maybe last year, I put a bunch of stuff on it (mistakenly erasing everything Bear had on it because I tend to be very acquiescent to pop-ups) and haven't listened, or worked out, much since.

But today. Ah, today I was reminded of my ridiculous taste in music. Do you think any of the people in the big houses ever heard Eminem? Shorty the Pimp? Or the brilliance that is Buck Cherry's 'Crazy Bitch'??!! I made excellent time and sang and danced. Yay me!


teahouse said...

Hahahaha..running through a McMansion neighborhood sounds like the way to do it.

My parents used to live in a neighborhood like that, and they had great walks. Their neighbors were too busy doing aerobics to DVDs in the air conditioned comfort of their living rooms.

Piglet said...

dude! eminem is totally my boyfriend! (well, my "pretend" boyfriend but a boyfriend nonetheless.)

do you like tupac too? i love ALL KINDS of music to match ALL OF MY MOODS :)