jersey is for jackasses

I just ever so quickly emptied my camera in preparation for what will, no doubt, be the brilliance of Rio's first dance class. I hope I don't wet my pants laughing! Anyway, the Monkey Princess aka Demandatron aka Bossy McBoss and I were in/on Long Beach Island this past weekend.

The pictures are certain to entertain you and horrify my family. I can't wait to post them! First, I have to wrestle a monkey into tights and tap shoes. Hahahaha!


Valencia said...

sad i got to miss that..

Tuesday Girl said...

You beeotch. I live 20 minutes from LBI. I would have loved to met you & your monkey!

nita said...

NO WAY TG! man, i'm pissed! we had a frigging ball. where are you? you can e me if you'd like ... we're planning to rent a house in the belmar area next year!