:: the gift that keeps on giving ::

bear to uncle cracker: Yeah, so, you know Nita's unconventional, right? She didn't want jewelry or a fur coat as a traditional 'wife just had a baby' present. She wants a trainer to come to the house. So, I just hired a ripped black man to come and hang out with my wife in our basement twice a week......

My man rocks! I am meeting Marvin tomorrow. I'll see if he lets me take a picture...

:: on the boobie front ::

Still not working that well. My nipples hurt from their tender tips right back to my shoulder blades. I'm trying to hard to make this work but I'm definitely getting discouraged. Ugh.

If I could figure out how to load a movie onto here I'd film the milking process just for shits and giggles. You would not believe this machine and what it does to my body. Well, jenandtonic.ca would, but she's evidently some sort of saint!

Over and out.