Borrowed from Mare

Last but not least
# Last Cigarette .. I quit with Bear about 4 years ago?!
# Last Alcoholic Drink .. Newcastle last night
# Last Good Cry ..holding Rio and listening to Bono's Kite knowing it was to a parent about the parent child relationship...
# Last Bad Cry .. 2 days ago because of mom
# Last Library Book .. Water Witches, overdue, still owe them 20 cents
# Last book bought .. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (what is happening to me?!)
# Last Book Read .. Artemisia
# Last Movie Seen in Theatres .. pretty sure it was a silent moving picture...
# Last Movie Rented .. Stuck on You. Hilarious!
# Last Cuss Word Uttered .. cocksucker
# Last Beverage Drank .. water
# Last Food Consumed .. spicy scallop roll
# Last Crush .. Joshua Jackson of Dawson's Creek insanity
# Last Phone Call .. Breastfeeding Consultants
# Last TV Show Watched .. Last Comic Standing
# Last Time Showered .. uh, 2 days ago?
# Last Shoes Worn .. Nike Shox - good for dog kickin'
# Last CD Played .. U2 All That You Can't Leave Behind
# Last Item Bought .. awesome platform shoes
# Last Download .. don't download
# Last Annoyance .. getting attacked by the dog this morning
# Last Disappointment .. breast feeding/pumping
# Last Soda Drank .. Coke
# Last Thing Written .. thank you notes
# Last Key Used .. '.' ..
# Last Words Spoken .. is she sleeping?
# Last Sleep .. sleep? explain..
# Last Ice Cream Eaten .. Wentworth's Mint Chocolate Chip
# Last Chair Sat .. my special corduroy chair for pumping
# Last Webpage Visited .. Google for 'kite' lyrics

Rio's 3 week check-up went famously. She's gaining weight and growing and having lots of alert time so I think she's learning new things. She recognizes my voice and Bear's voice and gets a little plumper every day. She's filling in her skin so she is looking more like a baby and less like a plucked chicken ;)

I really like being her mom.