Typing with the wee one asleep in my lap so this'll be quick.

She was 19 days early. Little immature, some probs with O2 saturation levels so .... they kept her in NICU. Wonderful nurses. I was there pretty much 24/7, feeding, changing, holding her. Had to make the call to suppliment with formula. She's simply too young too nurse and with my breast reduction...well, we're working it all out. I'm pumping and feeding and bottling and not sleeping at all. AND I don't much care. I'm on fire. I feel like I could go like this for years.....but I did get a good sleep the other night which helps.

wait...this just in....

Bear likes it when she lies like this. Says she looks like she's operating an old fashioned radio...whaddaya think?!

So, we're all great. I'm tired, have actually yelled at my husband, then had a meltdown, now we're both feeling better. Lots to learn. The time in NICU was actually great cuz I got to know the nurses and docs and I got LOADS of insight and advice. I can't explain how it feels, my heart has blown open and I love this one week old bundle of joy like crazy. Bear and I have new-found appreciation for one another, too. Lots to be thankful for, and I am.

but feel free to hate me now....

Uh, yeah. So my peasant stock (halfish straight up wasp, halfish mexican) really rose to the occasion. Despite my 'advanced maternal age' my pregnancy was a snap. Sick for 5 months but not too...gained 20 pounds and have lost 18!!! And no stretch marks. And I pushed for *one hour* and then had the bundle of joy.

Scary story about the actual birth but that will have to wait. Almost time for the chitlin to be awakened for her 8 am snicky-snack.