mother of the year continues to elude

I was so thrilled my in-laws requested a sleepover with Rio starting this afternoon, with a brunch in Ct on Saturday for pick-up. But. My father-in-law is sick. Sick enough to have a doctor's appointment today. Do I feel bad for him? Hell, no! Instead of working in blissful silence, and not leaving the house except for a planned movie night out of the house in the theatre with real loud noise and greasy popcorn.... instead of all that I get to keep on keeping on with Mom duties.

By 6:45 tomorrow I must prepare a cultural dish and flags that represent Rio's heritage. Namely:

*Native American

I'm thinking of bringing a ratty afghan that's made with all the crazy colors. Oh, and maybe some Taco Bell, potato chips, and blood sausage shishkabobs. Sprinkled with peyote, mais oui.

That kid is lucky she's not polka-dotted, she's such a mutt.


Alice said...

hah, sounds a bit like my heritage. although i have no mexican or anything vaguely hispanic that i know of. probably could use some, though, to make my skin a mite less transparent..

Nancy said...

Sounds like a great excuse to bring out the haggis, since nothing says "culture" like ground-up lung!

teahouse said... about just making her wear a tie-dyed t-shirt with a Native American headdress and wooden shoes?

Masked Mom said...

She may not be polka-dotted on the outside, but I get the feeling she's polka-dotted on the inside--in all the best ways! :)

just me said...

Just bring in jelly beans and tell everyone her dad is the Easter Bunny.

Easy preparation, totally rad explanation.

Mama Bear said...

Oops -- You forgot German. Remember her Papa Bob who put the "sour" in the sauerkraut.
Mama Bear

Burger said...

ah, now it's becoming clearer why you'd offer up free room + board should I ever qualify for the Boston Marathon... ;]

Ms.D. said...

She totally has room for like three more heritages. :c) You've given her the best of all worlds, think of it that way! Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

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