*that's* the way it's done, President Clinton

Looks like Elliot Spitzer got caught with his expensive trousers heading for his ankles. Now, everyone makes mistakes. There are a lot of men trying to get a little on the side. Is that a crime? Well, nevermind. What inspires me about this particular incident is how well he's handling it. It *is* a private matter. If Bill had said the exact same thing in 1998, his presidency wouldn't have ended in the legal nighmare that ensued.

Private matter. Duh.

Now, what would YOU do? Seriously? I didn't marry til, um, lateRRR in life. I clearly remember a conversation I had while working at the Spa at Topnotch. I asked a woman if she would leave her husband if she found him cheating. That was not the first question, you'll be happy to know :) But what she said has stayed with me always.

"It depends. Is he getting a hummer from a call girl? Or is he having an affair with his assistant? They are not the same thing. We have a business; a family; kids; a life. You'll see, it's not always simple."

Simple? SIMPLE??!! Send your warm thoughts to Silda. This can't be easy for her. And it does land on her head, no? Man, was simple ever part of the deal?


Anonymous said...

definitely good advice to clinton, it would have been a much better move.

this is a topic that has always puzzled me and i really like the response from the woman at the spa.

i too waited a very long time to marry and this was one of the reasons.

teahouse said...

Poor Silda. Poor, poor Silda.

I'm getting married in 5 weeks. I think your friend is right - it depends on the situation. But multiple hookers over several years - that falls somewhere intermediate on the spectrum, yes?

Anonymous said...

I had always said I would give my man (not particularly my hubby, but any man) the boot if they cheated.
And then I look at the woen who DONT leave, and I kinda feel for them. I still don't even know what I would do, but I do hope I'm never in a situation to have to decide...

nita said...

dp: i've long held if clinton ever listened to me, it would be 'monica who?'...

thb: this was before it became apparent he was a regular. i don't know why it's different, it just is. ?! best to just not fuck around, eh?

di: i don't have any friends that stayed so i have no experience. of course, none of us married early so maybe we just sidestepped marital infidelity? who knows? not me.

Anonymous said...

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