Yeah. She got me on the telephone today. My mother. She calls and then fakes like she was asleep. It is soooo fun.

Today's nuggets? In the space of one conversation she shared that she now has fibromayalgia, a bean-sized dark spot on her brain that is a stroke, more work than she can handle, no money, and the best stress test her doctor has ever seen.

Oh, and she smokes and eats a stick of butter and two meats with every meal including breakfast.

Baby switches happened a lot more in the 60's, right?


Alice said...

she called you? then.. pretended to be asleep..?

that's, uh, a lot for one phone call. i recommend a glass of wine. for you, i mean. :-)

teahouse said...

Hmm..fibromyalgia. When I worked for a judge who heard Social Security disability cases, all of the applicants seemed to be diagnosed with it.