eyeballs, up-to, and what-not


*I broke up with my mom. Again. It's serious this time. She questioned my parenting. Them's fighting words. And fight we did. Oh well.

*My new job continues to fascinate and challenge. I really like it! I'm having a tough time scraping 20 hours a week together, and my house looks rather tenementesque, but I really do like it! The job, not the slovenly way of life....

*I made a little wager with my darling little sister. She's gotten into the bad habit of not working out ever, and complaining, well, pretty much always. It's snuck up on her - much like the 4 remaining papers she has between her and graduation. So, I'm helping her with the last papers. And all she has to do is work out 5 times a week and not complain about it. If she drops the ball (or whines about it) and still wants me to help her, she'll need to pony up big bucks. I'm telling y'all now that I will take her money and buy risky stocks for Rio. :)

*I'm going to Stowe for a bunch of days. Rio and I have been bouncing a virus back and forth, and our travel plans are all screwy, so we're just gonna ignore the calendar and go for it. I can't wait! Although I always start to miss Bear as soon as we hit the highway, I need to recharge my batteries.

*Bear and I have been sleeping horridly for months. Our fabulous and comfy bed hit the wall so freaking fast. At first it was less cushy, but it made the rapid descent into flop house mattress. We finally did something about it. 1-800-MATTRES gets my unsolicited eternal adoration. Those peeps mofo KNOW BEDS. Every bizarre angle and bit of info. We ended up with the Sealy knock-off Tempurpedic. I forget why, but some sort of wicking technology that the Swedes are lacking ... anyway, we got two. XL Twins. Why, you ask? Because they're foam so you can't really tell that it's two mattresses. And, because, we got these extra special platforms:because they were totally on close-out sale. You see, company blahblahblah is now sourcing the motors in China
blahblahblah and so they have blahblahblah left at this super close-out price blahblahblah blahblahblah blahblahblah .... feel me?

So, yeah, up and down beds. Not just for the elderly.

I hope.


Alice said...

REEEALLLY! i've always been curious about those move-y beds. on the one hand i'm all "hey! great for watching tv!" but on the other hand i'm like "um.. i kind of LOVE SLEEPING FLAT." so you'll have to let us know how that goes.

sorry about your mom :-\

also! i wish i had someone bribing me / coercing me to work out. or someone whose money i could take and invest in high risk stocks :-)

Anonymous said...

i've been admiring those beds from afar for years :)

i'm taking your side in the mom war. you know, just in case there was any question.

Anonymous said...

I'm behind you on the break-up with your mother. I broke up with mine about five years ago and it has been exactly what I needed. People think it is weird (and sometimes cruel, you know, as in to deny my child her gandmother), but those folks are just ignorant about the whole situation and it's none of their business anyway.

I can explain it like this:

It's like a roller coaster in an amusement park. Once you sit in the seat and they pull that belt over your head, you are in for the ride whether you want it or not. The only way to avoid it is to not get in line in the first place, because once you're on it, well, it's not going to stop. It's the same thing with my mother, and frankly, I'm just not ever getting in line again.

(And would you put your child on a roller coaster without you? I didn't think so.)