*Over Stimulated
Life has been insanely busy of late. I feel like summer is coming and that's good. I've got Rio in a once a week dance class ... and that's it. We have a zillion little trips planned and I'm enjoying my new job and we have all been so tightly scheduled that I resisted the urge to sign her up for more stuff. I feel sorta guilty but as a mom I'm finding that it's pretty normal. If I'm going to second-guess myself, at least I'll have the proper amount of time to do so.

*Over Educated
My darling little sister took her last exam at 9:30 pm. While I've thoroughly enjoyed (drip sarcasm drip) learning all about the communication styles of different cultures and learning all about global warming and the shrinking polar ice caps thanks to my ridiculous offer to proof all paperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs, I am ready to stop having homework. She got an 86 on her final exam, a 95 on her global warming paper. Sunday she'll be walking in a ceremony celebrating the fact that here, in the land of opportunity, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars, get a degree, and still be essentially clueless. I say that with tongue in cheek and the fond memory of when I was 23 and still knew everything. Congrats, V, no one is more thrilled than I that this chapter is complete. I'm proud of you darling girl.

*Over Scheduled
Work. Work. Housework. Work. V's work. Bear's work. School. Committee. Gym. Work. Dog. Laundry. Work. I need to get a handle on things. I haven't had enough me time lately. Or any, really. When we get back from Wisconsin I think I'll head to VT for a few days of R&R. I need to recharge the batteries and something tells me a week with my extended family in WI/IL isn't going to be too restorative. But it should be interesting...

last conversation with random family member:

me: [dials number my father called me from] Hey dad.

male voice: Dad? Who's this?

me: Your firstborn, dumbass.

mv: I don't have a girl ...

me: Oh, so sorry. I thought I was phoning my father. Is he available?

mv: You don't know who this is, do you?

me: Nope. Sorry.

mv: It's your cousin James*!

me: Oooh, hi James! Long time! How have you been?

mv: How have I been? What's the matter? No one told you I was doin' time?

Yup. Should be biiiiig fun.

Rio is just so much fun right now. I'll be better about posting for you, Peachy;) But today we took a nap together which is a singular joy. And she's in the habit of late of dressing up and asking me, "May I have this dance?" which about slays me and probably explains why I'm super good at 'Princess Ballerina Twirls' and super far behind in workworkwork!

*Over Served
Happy Birthday Meredith! We had a girl's night out with her friends who are all, without exception, smoking-hott-wicked-fun-charming-hilarious women. It was soooo fun! I got picked up by my other mom friend, C, who kept saying, "Have another! I'm driving!" and so I kept having another.

Today sucked donkey balls. I had a great plan to come home from dropping Rio at school and go back to bed but I had a 30 minute conference call for workworkwork that went until 3 minutes before school got out. I'm hurtin'. But! It was literally so much fun that I have a girly love buzz paving over my hangover.

Also, I found a pill in the bottom of an old purse and I took it and whatever it was really helped me feel better.



just me said...

"May I have this dance?"

...single cutest question EVER.

Anonymous said...

you are certifiable, but in a good way :)

when that "mv" said he was doin' time, did he mean he was married and got divorced?

nita said...

j: i may have to start posting more simply because she's being so effing adorable on a constant basis!

dp: uh, big house time. ;)

Alice said...

oh dear. and the cousin wasn't kidding? my family would TOTALLY say something like that, but just to fluster me so they could make fun of me later for believing it.

teahouse said...

Hahaha..that's so funny that you took that random pill. That's the kind of thing that I do!!