my name is ...

As if I needed more reasons to curb her television consumption ... she is a big fan of the movie 'Cars.' Me, too, really. I get teary-eyed when Sally details the demise of her little town. Bear has purchased a book about Route 66 and it's on our 'to-do' list to make a long family roadtrip. So, Cars has crashed into our lives a bit.

That's all well and good, except Miss Rio calls me 'Sally' and Bear is now 'Lightning Queen [sic]' and she will only answer to 'Mader.' As in 'Tow Mater', the mildly-slow buck-tooth tow truck of the show.

She's taken this 'Mater' bit to the nth degree lately. She won't answer to 'Rio' and she insists Bear 'talk like Lightning Queen' and she'll say 'Sally Sally Sally' until I give in and just take my new name.

Yesterday, we went to the Providence Children's Museum. It was fun, insanely packed, and just a tad exhausting. We saved the water room for last. The kids don smocks that kind of keep them dry, and then all hundreds of little people run around huge suspended pools and splash and generally revel in the insanity while the parents either A. act responsibly and keep their kids upright, not throwing, not splashing others in the face or B. chat with the other parents who believe that kids should fall all over, throw heavy things at everyone, and dump water on the heads of children they don't know ... but I digress.

I tell Rio it's almost time to go. When the big hand hits the 11 we're going to pack up and head for lunch. At the appointed time she becomes the yelling child. I look at Bear and tell him to just pick her up as I strip the soaked smock off and we head out of the crazy room.


me: Rio. I told you it was time to go. You're behaving poorly which is not cool. We're going to have a nice lunch and we will visit here again.

rio: [goes limp in Bear's arms]

me: Okay then. Are you ready for lunch?

rio: [no response. still limp. head hangs]

me: Bear, just put her down. She can walk it off.

rio: [walking in a catatonic-like state, arms hanging straight down]

me: Nice job calming down buddy. Now, let's go have a delicious lunch. Would you like some miso soup?

rio: [with a completely flat affect, eyes all cartoon spirals] Call.Me.Mader.

Yeah, cuz I was such an effing huge Disney fan already ...


Ms.D. said...

It drove me nuts when my kids did that... we called it the "limp noodle".

At least you are Sally. I mean, you'd rather be her than Flo or Luigi, right?

Alice said...

hmm. i feel like i need to see this cars movie now. apparently it's pretty good :-)

Anonymous said...

oh crap i missed museum day. i have to start checking in from work more often.
and now i know to skip the water room...and also plan to stay there till midnight if I dont want my son to have a conniption in the middle of the museum.
so i guess i'll meet you there next museum day, eh sally? LOL!