Mommies, don't let your babies grow up to be media sluts ...

... at the very least, don't raise them to be such. I, for one, am saddened by Brit these days. She so obviously needs a mother to straighten her ass out, and all she has is hangers-on, cashing checks from the Bank of Brit. Her actual mother among them. And Mommy Spears was out pitching a parenting book while Brit goes crazy and 16 year-old Jamie doesn't tell her she's pregnant until there are no choices to be made besides, "I wonder who'll pay the most for the exclusive to this story"?! Spite babies are the new black. Brit, if you're reading, stay in the hospital. Yes, those people are paid to hang out with you, but at least they won't cause you continued mental damage.

Now. Lindsay Lohan is another one. Her mother seems to be at every party with her and she wonders why the kid fell into the abyss? C'mon. Kids need their parents to lay down the law, not help them to subvert it. I see this kid hitting multiple rehabs and then swilling champagne from the bottle with a look of desperation in her eye. Happy New Years. Now this.

I got 2 words for you, LiLo: sunscreen and parents. Good luck, kiddo. It would appear that no one is at the helm and there will be no joy when you run ashore.


Valencia said...

Ugh why even give them the satisfaction of TALKING about them!? I have zero sympathy for those girls when they know damn well what happens when you live the life they do. I just hope they're gone by the time I have children so I don't have to explain to them why NOT wearing panties is NOT ok and why rehab is NOT an acceptable after school program.

Ms.D. said...

Funny incident for you. Friend's daughter: "You're not my friend, Mommy" after being reprimanded. Friend replies promptly, "That's fine. I'm not your friend. I'm your MOM."

A local radio host commented on that photo shoot yesterday, how Hollywood sets the scene for (even if unintentional) emulating. He said, "Here, this was James Dean's car. Get in this really fast car and speed down this curvy road. And don't forget that left turn." Not funny, but could he be more right? Seems that's what they do.

Alice said...

HEAR EFFING HEAR. i know these girls are "old enough" to know better and all, but seriously. when your mom has been your biggest party buddy or has been pushing you into fame and spotlights since you were 5, really, where were they supposed to pick up these lessons!? it makes me angry. and sick.

ms d: props to your friend!! too many moms think they need to be "friends" to their kids. that's what their ACTUAL friends are for! they need moms to be MOMS. eesh.


nita said...

*v: that's what's so sad, they don't know. they were handed their own reigns way too early with way too many privileges and waaay too much cash. bad combo. they needed MORE guidance than other kids. i, too, am saturated, but also saddened as things continue to get worse for these girls.

*msD: parent doesn't always equal friend IN A CHILD'S MIND. in reality, it is the greatest act of love and friendship to provide a child with the safety to explore and the tools to do so successfully. send your pal another shoutout from here!

*alice: if only we could get the paps to hand out MOTHER OF THE YEAR awards every time they catch those 2 at an event grabbing free purses and swilling free drinks and not paying attention to their children!


Michael said...

Britney who?

I've never heard of these people.

nita said...

*mmm: explains your joyful outlook and suspiciously wrinkle-free face!