straightened out

Bear's habit has been to set the alarm and then get back into bed. Four or five times, beginning at 5:30 or 6am. Until couples counseling. He agreed to set it and get up. Which he modified to 'get up, grab a blanket and oversleep on the purple couch downstairs'. Our counselor, in a grand and misguided moment of inspiration, made the couch off limits! for the mornings.

So, this morning he got up, made coffee for himself, and then woke me up because I was laying crooked in the bed. That he should have vacated. But he was getting BACK into to slurp coffee and blow his nose in such a way that every elephant on this continent perked its ears because it thought it heard its mother calling.



So, yah, the troll thing. I nuked a bunch of this so my blog gives no illusion of being cohesive. It's fair, really. I'll be posting pix of the monkey, Bear dressed up and passed out from the shear exhaustion wrought by our veggie powered maniac baby, stories to catch everyone up, blahblahblah. And I gotta fix this site. Anyone have a suggestion where a mom can pick up a template that doesn't look like ass or cost an arm and a leg. So, a body-part-free template?! Yeah, that's what I'm talking about...


This kid bugs the living crap out of me. He whines constantly and he can't seem to come to the moral lesson of each crudely drawn allegorical tale UNLESS HE'S FORCED, PUNISHED, OR JUST WHINES HIS PARENTS TO DEATH! Of course Rio's seen it twice and asks for him by name. Shoot me.

In an effort to get her mind off questionable PBS whine-a-thon shows, I bought her this and this for her viewing pleasure. I'm either the best mother in the world or the worst. Can't tell. Most days are like that ...


kate said...

Dude - I'm so dizzy. But at least I can comment again. :-)

Glad to see you back.

(PS: The snooze button game earns wedgies around here...)

Diana said...

*confession- I have to set my alarm half an hour early because I"m notorious for hitting the snoooooze button.*
And caillou- hate him to pieces.

aliastaken said...

What was the counselor's reasoning for this ban of the couch?

nita said...

kate - i know the math was killing you!

di - get.up!

alias - we all brainstorm ways to help bear with his massive procrastination 'challenges' :)

Robyn said...

Glad you're back in this forum. Missed AMA. Can't stand Caillou, either. Madonna and Janet are much better.

Beth said...

LMAO! Husbands are just the best/worst things ever invented!!! I'll say no more on that topic, but know that I laugh and seethe right along with you... all the live-long day!

I was going to ask you to explain about procrastination but I guess I'll do that later.

Is it a felony to kill an animated child? Caillou is evil - maybe we can call it exorcism rather than murder.

TL said...

Oh!!! Caillou!! Syd was watching it this weekend at my parents. They first called him some freakass name and then they asked me if he suffered from chemo. They could not understand how the hell his younger sister had more hair than him. I am baffled too, but Syd LOVED it.

I really love the intro song to Jo-Jo's circus, does that make me weird?!

Krust said...

I used to be really bad at that. Pour Wub had to turn it off 4 or 5 times. Now it's once. Baby steps.

Caillou sucks. Sounds French and that makes him an immediate assclown.