don't get mad, but....

Timing is everything...

:: rough night ::

But a great day! I worked and worked feverishly (just in case my slave driving boss from the aforementioned yob is checking in!) and then headed to Boston at 1:15 to take my godson and his roommate to an MRI appointment. Traffic was insane and I didn't get home til almost 7. Due to daylight savings time, I missed Rio's bath and bedtime. I know it's good for her to have other people around and for us to "do our own things" once in a while and yada yada yada...but I really missed her.

Bear said she started signing for 'bedtime' around 6. Kept it up. So, he bathed her and put her to bed and she went right down. So, in no rush, I picked up beer and sushi and we had a nice dinner....but I missed her. A lot.

I'm such a sap.

:: hott to trot ::

In other silly news, I cut Bear's hair this morning and he looks super DUPER hott. That reminds me... I'm seeing Dr. Interrrrrrcourse tomorrow. How can I best and most delicately explain to him that it is time to throw some boots up in the air? Suggestions? Anyone?!

:: big changes ::

So, you know how you 'want' things to look? On your blog? Well, I have decided to make it happen. It's gonna be new and improved and soon. Lots of links, RSS feed, all the junk I have no idea what it is but NEED...soon. After I finish this big project that I ignored while I was sick all frigging month.

:: fear factor ::

I think I'm addicted to cough syrup. It's not funny. It's rotting my teeth and drying my sinuses and I'm afraid to try to sleep without it. But on the upside, lalala, I sleep like I've been shot with a tranquilizer dart. For like 9 hours. Straight. Wake up with dog hair stuck all over me cuz the wretches are all sucked up on me like I'm some sort of heat source. And I don't care! Cuz I wake up buzzed!

How pathetic. Can you see it now?

me: Hi, I'm Nita and I'm addicted to Nyquil.
all: Hiiiii, Niiiiitaaaaaa.

So sad. So sad.