Christ on a Crutch... my darling grandmother used to say.

Listen, avoid reading the last few comments in my 'thank you' post below. I'm actually busy with a busy life and busy plans and a busy baby and, well, you get the idea. I'm getting flamed from that Clare bit. Now I have to learn how to delete unwelcomed and rude comments. Maybe later.

Loads happening. Some I can talk about, some I can't right now. But, loads happening. I've found in my life that really wretched things need to be turned around or they sit around like little black flecks on your soul AND THEY BUG THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOU. So, to avoid that, I've been scrambling and some great stuff is in the pike. Believe me, you'll be the first to know. *wink wink*

So, I am sifting through AMA and only saving the really fun or really relevant posts from the past 3 years. It's like a sage smudge for my space here. I'm going to ignore the flamers from here on in, smudge like a maniac, and proceed.

The greatest thing that came out of this heartache is the support I got from you guys. I knew a lot of my non-blog savvy friends keep up with All-Things-Rio here. I've gotten a bunch of really nice emails and the things you guys said....really wonderful. So, AMA will continue. In some form. I'm still ducking a ridiculous shitstorm so I'm working more than blog checking, but that'll calm down. The hateful detest the happy so I'm sure I'll go back to boring those people soon enough.

Really though.... I totally love you guys. *sniffffffffffffffffff* On that note, moving right along....

:: weekend update ::

I got a job. A guy I 'know' from Blogsylvania set out on his own about a year ago. Talented, charming, hard-working... we all wished him well. Then I parked a business idea with him, for later consideration. Then a couple of months after that, he got jammed up and voila! I have a job. That I love. That I reallllly have to get back to. But, yay me and the readers of Advanced Maternal Age who have faith that I can write copy without profanities. Tough, but I'm fucking-a slugging through....

Continues to be the perfect husband. Continues to say quite loudly, "Get me a beer bitch, and hurry the hell up!" every time I'm speaking to my mother. Continues to host my friends for weeklong visits with a genuine smile. Continues to hand over cold, hard cash to support my 'causes'. Continues to tell me I'm great and Rio is lucky to have me as a mom and I have great friends so quit worrying about stupid shit. Continues to make me happy that I said, 'Uh, sure, I guess...' when he asked me to marry him.

What it's all about, non?! She is signing like crazy. I think I'm 'Bobby', although she can say 'mmmm', she elects not to. Sleep? All over the map but luckily, I'm home with her so we're riding this transition together. She's found her scream, which makes everyone laugh. She and Hobbes are doing really well. He's a happy member of the Prozac Nation and Dr Dodman is the best 4 hundred smackers we've ever spent.

I still call her 'Monkey' so much that she answers to it. I tried 'Princess' for a day, but only Hobbes responded....

my new life
Mostly, I'm glad to have made a couple of really nice mom friends. Nice children, we all parent alike, we were all remarkably similar 'pre-babe' and I'm enjoying my outpost a bit more. Winnie is my soul sister who is finally coming to terms with the fact that she really is knocked up to the tune of 5 months despite being on the Pill AND breastfeeding!!! and I'm thankful every day to have another amazing friend in my crazy huge group of amazing friends.

my confession
Part of the research I'm doing is on Georgia. I am so in love with it right now that I totally want to move there. Hell, it's snowing here people. In friggin OCTOBER. I spent my childhood in Vermont being froZEN from September 1st until June 15th. With Bear and his sick, sick addiction to air conditioning, I need to live where I can get some heat! Holla if you hear me ;)

really though...
Sorry for the drama. I promise you and me (and especially the wonderful Bear) to ignore anything that happens as a result of people I don't give a fat rat's ass about. We good?